The article presents the results of combination therapy of psoriasis with Kartalin cream in combination with Imunofan.

30 patients with various clinical forms of psoriasis received a course of therapy with Imunofan solution for 10 days (then Imunofan was prescribed in rectal suppositories for 5-10 days) and Kartalin cream 2 times a day.

All patients showed a complete regression of rashes or significant clinical improvement.

Conclusions: the combined treatment with Imunofan and Kartalin allowed us to achieve a quick positive clinical effect and to abandon the use of glucocorticosteroids.

Keywords: psoriasis, treatment, Kartalin, a complex of natural biological substances, immunoregulatory peptide, "Imunofan".

Psoriasis is a skin disease that has a multifactorial origin. The main role in the occurrence of psoriasis is played by a triad of pathogenetic factors: genetic, immunometabolic and provoking. An important is the fact that in recent years there is a significant clinical psoriasis pathomorphosis with an increase in the proportion of severe disease and increased resistance to treatment.