Kartalin have launched a 2-step Shampoo 

New packaging design 2020.

Shampoo Kartalin® Step №1 150ml
Step 1 Is specially designed and designed for washing off Kartalin cream from scalp and hair.

Shampoo Kartalin® Step №2 150ml
Step 2 Contains a balanced combination of extracts of medicinal plants (Chereda, Camomile, Krapiva, St. John's wort), mild washing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory components.

The components that make up the Kartalin ® Step # 1 / Step # 2 shampoo have anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effects, promote skin regeneration, enhance the regenerative and barrier functions of the skin, prevent a feeling of dryness and irritation. Shampoo contains natural ingredients that help strengthen and nourish the hair.

Does not contain hormones or dyes.

Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate.

Can be used as often as needed.

Easy to apply and easy to wash off.

Shampoo Kartalin® Step №1 - shampoo for dry use.

A special method of using shampoo can effectively and carefully cleanse hair and scalp from the remains of Kartalin cream.

Active components: Egg white; Lactic acid; Sodium lactate; Extract of Chereda, Chamomile, Nettle; Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5.

Shampoo Kartalin® Step №2  - shampoo for wet application.

The classic method of using shampoo provides delicate cleansing of hair and scalp. Ingredients that make up this shampoo help restore the natural balance of moisture and nutrients, making hair more powerful and shiny.

Active ingredients: Lactic acid; Sodium lactate; Allantoin; Extract of Chered, Daisies, St. John's wort; Extract of the root of beet, Hydrolyzed corn starch; Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5.

Scope: Head skin, hair.

Product: a set of two bottles with a capacity of 150 ml.

For external use only!

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Kartalin Shampoo

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