Instructions for use / Patient leaflet

"Kartalin" thick, viscous paste, warm brown color to pale yellow, with a distinctive aroma.

For external use only!

How to use:

The ointment is applied to the affected area in an even layer (not to rub in) once or twice a day and should be allowed it to operate for at least 12 hours. The effect is usually observed after only 1-2 weeks. Treatment cycle is relatively long (lasting 2-4 months).
In the first phase, the irriration disappeares,just dark or light pigmentation spots remain.
The second phase starts after pigmentation spots occure and it is needed to fix results of the first phase. It is necessary to continue treatment for about 1 month in this phase.

Side effects:

After therapy is initiated, a slight worsening of the disease may occure for the first moment. Patients suffering from allergies, there is a risk of Quincke's edema.


During the first month of treatment, it is recommended to take antihistamine preparations (Claritin, Diazolin or similar product) to reduce side effects.

It is categorically prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages.

It is advisable to quit smoking or at least to restrict it.

Exclude the eggs and fatty, fried, roasted and spicy food.

Healthy sleep is important.

Body and hair wash can be made every day, but at least twice a week. We recommend to use a Baby or Glycerin Soap, lanolin or tar based soaps. Shampoo: Biocream with whey, hair balsam Ballet. For hair degreasing, mustard powder dissolved in warm water can be used.

After washing hair, skin dryness can sometimes occur. Baby lotion is recommended in this case.

It is not recommended to combine treatment with hormonal ointments.

By the first signs of Quincke edema (it usually begins with eyelid swell), the ointment should be washed off and antihistamine medicine taken. Consult these cases with a doctor and please, report back to the manufacturer.

When treating an extensive skin damages, it is recommended that the therapy is started stepwise, beginning with the legs skin. After another three days, the ointment can be applied on all other damaged locations. Do not use bandages.

Do not stop treatment even for a single day!