• Birch tar soap bar


Tar soap is an effective tool:
✓ in the fight against acne, seborrhea ans other skin diseases;
✓ reduces skin rashes, including allergic origin, - normalizes the blood supply to the skin;
✓ regenerates skin cells, helps to remove scars from deep acne;
✓ dries the skin, shine;
✓ is a powerful natural antiseptic, antiparasitic and antifungal agent.
In combination with soap, tar can increase the flow of blood to the skin tissues and accelerate the regeneration of epidermal tissues that have been damaged. Birch tar dries the wounds on the skin, speeding up the process of their cure.
The tar soap has a sharp smell of tar, like the smell of burnt birch bark. Especially often tar soap is used in the fight against acne and acne. Natural tar soap does not dry the skin and does not irritate it, such soap is made manually by both soap-making companies and soap lovers. Effective application of handmade tar tar for women's intimate hygiene as a means of protection against infections. It heals the skin well against micro-traumas and diaper rash.
Tar soap is widely used by people with strong pigmentation.

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Birch tar soap bar

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